Volume 8, Number 1

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Welcome to our May 2012 issue of Plurilinkgua. We have some interesting contributions that we received from teachers and students in the field of language teaching and learning. First we present you two teaching techniques elaborated by two students of the BA in Language Teaching at UABC: Felipe Dominguez and Karla Berelleza. These contain ideas you can apply in the classroom. The first deals with reading and writing comprehension; it is based on the idea of writing from a model. The second is an activity in which the student can develop his vocabulary by drawing which will benefit kinesthetic students. Furthermore in the articles section, we present you a research study and an essay submitted by two professors from the UABC Language School: Yolanda Del Castillo and Oscar Rubio. The first reports on findings on e-mail usage by students enrolled in the BA in Language Teaching. The second article is a revision of literature about the proper use of technology in language courses and it provides with useful practical ideas that can be implemented in the classroom. We also share with you a review of the book: Nuevas estrategias para la enseñanza de la ortografía. Lastly, in the Academic Events section you will find an interview with Dr. Magos of the Autonomous University of Queretaro, who gives us his opinions about the teaching and learning of languages. We hope these contributions are useful in your academic work.

We appreciate your visit to Plurilinkgua, and encourage you to keep on reading us, and to contribute by sending your unpublished techniques, activities, articles, book reviews and academic events reviews.

Number 1, May 2012

Sincerely yours,
María del Rocío Domínguez Gaona

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