Types of contributions:

  • Teaching Techniques
  • Articles  (Essays- Research reports- Best practices papers)
  • Book Reviews
  • Academic Events: Discussion forums-Interviews,

 Guidelines for publishing

  • Only unpublished papers in one of the fields described above will be accepted.
  • Ideas expressed in the articles must be original and respectful of others.
  • Articles should be written in a clear, appropriate and organized way. They should be easy to read.
  • Bibliographic references should follow APA style.
  • Examples can be given in the language referenced.
  • Articles may be returned to their author for revision for up to two times. Articles will be returned in case there are problems with the content or the style.
  • Works will be reviewed in no more than a three month time frame.
  • Articles should be submitted in English and in Spanish; the journal will be edited in both languages.
  • Papers will be accepted all year long. There is no deadline.
  • Anyone is qualified to submit papers, regardless of schools or institutions.
  • Works will be reviewed by the Editorial Committee.
  •  Receipt of  submissions will be sent to the author in a 5 day  timeframe.
  • For joint authorship, specify who is to be notified.
  • Authors’ email address will be published.

Format of contributions:

1. Cover sheet with the following information:

    • Date of submission:
    • Author:
    • Institution:
    • E-mail address:
    • Telephone number:
    • Title of the contribution:

2. Résumé: no more than 75 words.

3. A summary of the contribution with no more that 150 words

4. Articles will have no word limit.

5. Tables or graphs should be included in the body of the text.

6. Do not include page headers

7. Style guidelines:

    • Articles or participations should be sent as a Word document. (. doc)
    • Font: Arial, 12 pt.
    • The file must be named with author’s surname, followed by the title of the article. Eg.  Pérez.How to teach capital letters.doc

Submissions should be sent:

By e-mail ( plurilinkgua@uabc.edu.mx) and as a hard copy to the offices of the Facultad de Idiomas, Tijuana .

Note: If you do not reside inTijuana, the hard copy is waived.


1.  The authors grant their copyright to this journal for distribution and publishing online. The authors reserve the right to distribute their material, without the knowledge of the editor if it is for non-profit use.

2. The journal will keep the copyright of the material during 4 months from the publication date. Permission to re-use copyrighted material will be given to the authors of articles for use in other publications, provided that credit is given to Linkgua.

3. Readers may use texts for non-profit use and quote them verbatim for no more than 200 words, provided that credit is given to Linkgua