Editorial Council


She holds a B.A. in Communication Sciences from the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences (UNAM), and a Master in Educational Communication and Technology program (ILCE). She obtained the Diploma for Overseas Teachers of English (DOTE), the Certificate of Virtual Tutoring (Portal Educativo de las Américas, OEA), and the Certificate of Online Education and Training (Institute of Education, University of London).

She took the Course on teacher Training of CELE-UNAM. She is a full-time professor in the English Department of CELE-UNAM and coordinates the self-access center (Mediateca), where she has directed projects of distance teacher training and implementation of ICTs. Ms. Chávez is the editor of the electronic magazine Lenguas en Aprendizaje Autodirigido (LEA) and has published and presented papers about self-access language learning. In 2009, she coordinated the project of the opening of self-access centers (mediatecas) in the preparatory school ystem of UNAM.